Installation is an extension of Shyue Woon's photographic practice. For every frame, he works towards making the photographer's invisible. The process reversed for designing the installation, he works towards synthesising the viewer's awareness back into the “frame”. 

DARK CITIES: Labyrinth

“We need the excuse of a fiction to stage what we truly are” Slaroj Zizek

The exhibtion borrows clues from last scene from Stanley Kubick’s The Shining (1980), a harrowing scene featuring Jack Torrance and Danny Torrance in an ominous hedge maze. In DARK CITIES: Labyrinth, there are four hidden ‘galleries’, offered as puzzles along the path. While navigating his/her way out of the Labyrinth, the viewer will create his/her own version of DARK CITIES.

Exhibition photos by Kevin WY Lee

[May 2018]
Venue_@DECK Singapore
Sponsors_HunterDounglas / ERCO

DARK CITIES: Confession room

The exhibition was set the chapel gallery which boasts 9m ceilings, large area with gothic architectural arches, doors and windows.

The challenge is to carve out an initmate space, at the same time respects and compliment to the gallery's architecture and heritage. Pages from sketchbooks are plastered on all sides of the wall and ceiling, photos from sketchbooks reappeared on the table, for viewer to create their own confession to DARK CITIES.

[Mar 2017]
Venue_Objectifs Singapore
Sponsors_Allegro / RJ Paper


[Nov 2016]
Venue_Substation, Singapore

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