Today, the tower has fallen into disrepair. I grew obsessed with the tower & its madly visionary architect – by bringing the future into the present, and the tragedy of not able to dictate the evolution once human/economics imperfection intervenes. 

I attempt to construct an imaginary Kafkaesque narrative on someone (The architect) being trapped in his own tubula-rasa, trying to escape for the crumbling meta-textual stage of his own creation. 15.03.2016 


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ISBN 978-981-11-6666-2

48 Photographs by Shyue Woon · First edition published in 2018 · Co-publisher — Invisible Photographer Asia · Edit — Kevin WY Lee, Shyue Woon · Design — Practice Theory · Essays — Kenji Takazawa · Translation — Yukiko Nishikawa · Paper — RJ Paper Printing — Allegro

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